Results Update

Jamie Pacheco’s Sports Betting Pays (End July 2016)

The brand new Sports Betting service was born out of a very successful live trial on the Betting Insiders community/Forum. The followers were treated to a steady and consistent flow of profitable sports selections covering top flight football, tennis and cricket.

The daily bulletins are posted in the members area and emailed out by 7pm each evening and contain a detailed review of the sporting event involved and the rationale as to why the selections represent solid value.

It has been a tricky latest few weeks with quite a few unexpected results going against us, however profitable sports betting should always be considered as a medium to long term activity and Jamie will be putting in even more hours of research to ensure that the overall profits start moving back in the right direction.

To date the winning strike rate has been 33.69% and the return on stakes have seen profits of 4.96% which have helped increase the suggested 50 point bank to 64.41pts!

The suggested bets generally vary from a 1/4pt – 1pt and are designed to minimise losing runs whilst at the same time maximise the potential profit.

Jamie recommends setting aside a sensible bank of 100pts although based on results to date 50pts should suffice and obviously individuals need to work with betting stakes that they are comfortable with. This may well be a fiver, tenner or maybe even 50 pounds depending on the level of bank they are prepared to invest.

To keep things simple we will use 1pt as equal to a 20 pound stake and based on that the Sports Betting Pays selections have produced +£288.20 to date.

The Sportsbettingpays Team
You can download the full results SportsBettingPays Results