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  • Which position in soccer/football gets paid the most?
    • Betting on Top Class events means No Cheating And Bookies will Stand a Big Bet
    • Max Bets have a whopping 48% Strike Rate which means Short Losing Runs
    • Make the same Bets as Top Pro James Pacheco
    • All selections Proofed to Betting School Insiders Club

    Betting on Sports is the Best Way to Profit from Your Betting

    Here's why Sports Betting Trumps Horse Racing for Consistent Long Term Profit
    Bookies Will Stand a Big Bet

    High class team sports are clean and straight so bookies are happy to take a big bet and even those with restricted accounts can often still get a large bet on sports.

    Detailed and Comprehensive Data

    There are huge amounts of data on every football and cricket game and the committed punter can out study the bookies oddsmakers

    Value Bets at Shorter Prices

    If you follow a Value approach with horse racing you're probably betting at odds of 8.0+. James' finds value bets in the 1.8 - 4.0 odds range

    Extensive Markets = Balanced Positions

    The huge number of markets means that a balanced approach can be taken to a match with big gains when very right & insurance can cover when things go wrong

    Sports Betting Is More Profitable

    But Why Trust James Pacheco?

    high rise buildings cartoon

    Betfair, NordicBet & Betsson

    James has served his time working for the enemy.

    During his 9 years at Betfair he featured on their sports radio station and was the founding Editor of Betting.Betfair, the excellent website that specialises in discussing betting opportunities on Betfair markets.

    He has now left the bookmaker industry and is going full time as a sports bettor and you can be on the exact same bets as James.

    James does not tip any bet that doesn't carry his own money!

    Proofed Results

    James proofed his bets for 7 months at the Betting School Insiders Club, where they were available to all members for free!

    And once a week at the Daily Punt website, where again they were available to thousands of readers for free.

    A Fully Proofed Strike Rate of 40.6%, an ROI of 29% and a profit of £910

    Steady Profits - Regular Winners

    For the most part you will be betting between 1.8 and 4.0.

    In the markets that James focuses on there is value to be had at these prices and they provide a strong strike rate!

    Which means regular wins and steady, consistent gains!

    What Will We Bet On?

    A thorough understanding and interpretation of stats is important, but there is no substitute for watching 1,000's of hours of sport!

    James has been betting on Football markets for 20 years and he typically bets on the teams that he watches!

    Although a huge believer in stats, they don't tell the full story. A side can lose four matches in a row but have been very unlucky in all four.

    Expert opinion counts for huge profits and can be used to interpret stats correctly.​

    Understanding the mindset of players is huge in Cricket betting.

    James learnt a huge amount about this mindset from two years ghostwriting a Betfair column for former England captain Michael Vaughan.

    This knowledge along with detailed stats and 1,000's of hours watching matches he is able to find value in the markets he bets in.​

    Steady Profits - A balanced portfolio of selections with no big highs or lows. That's what I aim for.

    I don't aim for big priced selections! In terms of football and cricket big priced selections are mostly speculative and are best left alone.

    Of course there are exceptions to every rule and occasionally I might go for a man of the match selection at big odds on a cricket match. But only after working out which players might thrive in particluar conditions.

    James Pacheco
    Pro Sports Bettor

    Sports Betting is Much More Profitable Than Horse Racing

    There are numerous reasons why Sports Bettors are more succesful than those that bet on horse racing

    Fair & Straight

    Despite what you read in the tabloids, the fact is that at the top level team sports are straight and true!

    This means that markets are competitive and bookies will take a decent bet.

    In fact many punters who have been restricted for their horse racing bets can still bet on team sports!

    Stats Stats Stats

    You might think there is a lot of form for horse racing, or maybe you are aware of the shortfalls with regards to going and sectional timing.

    Either way the fact is that with Cricket and Football there are huge databases that record every aspect of every match.

    If you want to research an angle the answers are out there.

    Form Works Out

    Whatever you think of trainers running horses in certain races just to get a favourable handicap mark, you don't have to worry with top level team sports.

    There are millions of pounds at stake for teams and individual players.

    Which means they are all triers and the form works out.

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    What People are Saying...

    Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

    James, You are a Genius!

    “I don’t want to embarrass you but I am going to go as far as to say you are a genius.

    You really know your stuff –
 You are brilliant at your football and bets you give but your knowledge of cricket (Teams, Countries, Players, Grounds and Pitches) is second to none.

    I must admit when England were 100-0 at tea I was saying words that sounded very much like one of the England openers!!!

    I am also a member of the Tamworth CC Membership

    But after tea it went exactly as you thought.
It is easy to say the England batsmen collapsed but I personally think that Cook and Duckett were just outstanding, and then the Bangladesh bowlers (Spinners) were brilliant.

    You had/have been saying how good the Bangladesh bowlers are in their own country throughout the Test and ODI series and I think they have just proved you right.

    Your reading of the pitch for the last innings was absolutely spot on.
 And your confidence to put the bet up for 4 points shows me how spot on you were.

Very very impressive.

    Great tipping.

    Nice one James"

    Terry (Long term Sports Betting Pays subscriber)

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